Common Issues with Garages and Garage Doors


Manufacturers of modern high-quality garage doors pay close attention to performance issues, so these heavy structures encounter few problems. However, every item of machinery does require some level of routine maintenance in order to maintain seamless operation.

The garage is an important part of your home, and often holds valuable property. Many people park their cars inside their garages, and other people store things like expensive power tools and other assorted items inside. No matter how you use your garage, there’s no denying that it is a part of your home that absolutely needs to be secure. A quality garage is a great home asset, but one that is unsafe can cause homeowners a lot of problems, including damaged property, theft, and more.

No matter the what age of your garage and its door, problems can always arise. Many things, both environmentally or otherwise, can cause damage and other issues with your door and garage that will require repair services. For example, doors might stop working and get stuck fully open, fully closed, or somewhere in between. Springs or cables that aren’t working properly may cause this, but there are many possible sources of the problem. At Woodfield Garage Doors, we’ll properly diagnose the issue, and give you a fair market price for its solution. We have what it takes to offer a range of different garage door services so that your garage door can be fixed properly the very first time around.

Whether you’re dealing with loud or strange noises, doors not moving at all (or moving too fast as the door is being lowered), remote control issues, or any other problem, Woodfield Garage Doors can handle it.

Inclement weather can often cause problems with garage doors, particularly if there is a heavy snow or a lot of ice buildup, while rain and damp conditions can cause problems including mold growth, electrical malfunctions, and more. Hail can cause damage like denting and scrapes, but not to worry, our trained professionals have you covered.